Movement control


Movement of Citrus Plants and other Citrus Related Plants

In terms of Agricultural Pests Act, 1983 (Act No.36 of 1983); movement of citrus propagation material and other citrus related material (budwood and trees) is prohibited from one area to another within the Republic of South Africa, unless the movement is authorised by means of permit, or the material is certified as pest free. The movement is prohibited due to Citrus Black Spot and Citrus Greening diseases

Citrus Black Spot and Citrus Greening are major diseases of citrus, affecting citrus industry in South Africa . Because of phytosanitary export restrictions to other countries, South Africa applies National Control Measures (R.110 of January 1984 as amended) in terms of Agricultural Pests Act, 1983 to prevent and combat the spreading of these diseases within the Republic. Many countries do not import fruit infected by Citrus Black Spot and Citrus Greening, therefore, South Africa should maintain uninfected areas/ pest free area. These diseases have a major economic impact on the South African citrus industry.

According to Agricultural Pests Act, 1983 (Act No. 36 of 1983); no user of land is allowed to remove any citrus propagating materials and other citrus related materials from infected areas to uninfected areas. If these materials are moved from infected areas/nurseries to uninfected areas/nurseries, it will perpetuate the spread of diseases, and as a result, South Africa will lose its export markets e.g. USA , Japan , China and Iran etc. With regard to Citrus black spot the movement of citrus propagation material and other citrus related materials is also prohibited from infected areas to areas of low pests prevalence

Citrus Black Spot is caused by Guignardia citricarpa . The spores are produced on dead leaves on the ground

Citrus greening is caused by bacterium, Liberobacter africanum . It is primarily transmitted by insect vector called Trioza erytreae . It can be moved by two ways, these include its vector, and by movement of infected propagation materials to uninfected areas.

Host plants for Citrus Greening

Species of the genera Aegle, Aeglopsis, Afraegle, Atalantia (Severinia synonymous), Balsamocitrus, Calodendrum, Citropsis, Clausena, Cuscuta, Eremocitrus, Fagaropsis, Feronia, Fortunella, Hesperethusa, Limonia, Microcitrus, Murraya, Oricia, Pleiospersmium, Poncirus, Swinglea, Teclea, Toddalia, Toddaliopsus, Tiphasia, Vepris, Zanthozylum and crosses thereof.

Host plants for Citrus Black Spot

Citrus and species of the genera Fortunella, Limonia, Poncirus, Swinglea and any cross thereof