Monitoring Control and Surveillance (MCS)


About Monitoring Control and Surveillance



South Africa has a coastline of approximately 3 200 km, extending from the Orange river in the west on the border with Namibia, to Ponta do Ouro in the east on the Mozambique border. The western coastal shelf is highly productive with high species densities, in common with other upwelling ecosystems around the world, while the east coast is considerably less productive but has high species diversity, including both local and Indo-Pacific species. South Africa has a well established fishery sector with 22 consumptive and 2 non-consumptive sectors and is currently a net exporter of fishery products.. The Chief Directorate Monitoring Control & Surveillance (MCS) draws its mandate from Marine Living Resources Act (MLRA) 18 of 1998 and all applicable Regulations promulgated in terms of this Act. In terms of the MLRA the primary function is to ensure sustainable utilization of marine living resources. MCS’ current capabilities to ensure compliance monitoring and enforcement along South Africa’ vast coastline and its national waters is limited and therefore the involvement of other government departments and law enforcement agencies is crucial to complement the existing resources and fully ensure compliance.




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Chief Director: Mr Ceba Mtoba
Contact details: 021 4023550