Stakeholder Engagement


Stakeholder Engagement


Bringing services to the people”

Stakeholder engagement aims to build and enhance good reputation of the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). We strive to respond in a balanced way to different voices from all stakeholders, formal and informal by communicating across all levels with intensity.

  • To ensure that the relevant stakeholders are represented during the Departmental public participation hearings and stakeholder’s consultation meetings.
  • Build the capacity of stakeholders through community support programmes around coastal communities to enable effective community participation.
  • Provide direct customer assistance to customer needs through Customer Service Centre and Fisheries Community Development Workers programme

Stakeholder Engagement Activities:

  • Identify key stakeholders for DAFF.
  • Define key stakeholders participating roles and tasks.
  • Assist stakeholders to understand their related responsibility and sustainability in the public participation proceses.
  • Facilitate stakeholder interactions and provide constant feedback on implementation.
  • Obtain stakeholder feedback and monitor stakeholder satisfaction.