Small Scale Forestry


About Us


About Us


Directorate: Small Scale Forestry
Aim: To ensure the promotion and development of the small scale forestry

  • To develop strategies that support Forestry Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Charter and that enable communities to make use of tree and forest resources to improve their livelihoods
  • Promote international liaison, which promotes forestry development in South Africa, in the SADC region and in Africa as a whole.
  • Develops forest enterprise development and Livelihoods programmes that enable communities to participate in the benefits of forestry to generate economic growth and sustain livelihoods.
  • Promote the Afforestation sub programme which offers opportunities for new entrants into the sector.
  • Facilitate the upliftment of individuals and communities through forestry livelihood programmes
  • Alleviate poverty through forestry programmes

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: Mr T. Mathiane
: 012 309 5712
: 012 309 5839