The National Veldfire Information System is available for the management of fire reports from FPAs and others. It will assist FPOs in their reporting to the Minister under Section 6(1) e of the Act, and will assist in managing information for the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Act, including the continuous improvement of the National Fire Danger Rating System.

Main tasks of NVIS
  • Capturing and editing of fire incident data.
  • Creation and presentation of reports derived from the data.
  • Data querying through pre-structured or user defined queries, by multiple users and from applications on external systems.
  • Calibration of the National Fire Danger Rating System through data analysis.
  • Ensuring public availability of fire danger ratings.

The fire incident reporting capture form
The NVFIS is web-enabled for data capture in the following categories:
  • Part A: Reporting
  • Part B: Fire location, duration and cause
  • Part C: Miscellaneous fire info. (veld types)
  • Part D: Weather Conditions
  • Part E: Fire Consequence
  • Part F: Fire Suppression
  • Part G: Law Enforcement
  • Part H: Additional information (fire logs)

Calibration of the NFDRS
  • The National Fire Danger Rating System will be able to query the NVIS to extract data for calibration purposes.
  • This purpose is captured under the report and query generating activities.

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