Food Safety and Quality Assurance


Local and Import Regulations




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Product Published Last Revised Dispensations
Canola No. R. 622 of 5 June 2009

Dry beans


No. R. 897 of 5 July 2002
No R 112 of 14 February 2014
Memo on country of origin



No. R. 15 of 08 January 2016


No. 43 of 22 January 2016
No. 44 of 22 January 2016
Bread Wheat Regulations
Wheat Amendments Notices


Wheat products

No. R.186 of May 2017


No. R. 473 of 08 May 2009

maize dispensation April 2010

Maize Products

Regulation No R. 63 of 2016

NCM dispensation for maize products blending June 2018


No. 45 of 22 January 2016

Soya bean

Regulations soya beans


No. R. 966 of 7 Oct 2005 – Eng
No. R. 966 of 7 Oct 2005 - Afr

Malting Barley

Malting Barley Regulations


Regulations Relating Sale of Rice RSA

Rice-Indusrty Wide Dispensation 2018

Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn Kernels Regulations NO. R. 1339 07 December 2018