Rationale for the National Veld and Forest Fire Act
Veldfires are natural – they have been part of life for millions of years. We use veldfire to manage grazing and habitats, and to help prevent wildfires. Wildfires are a risk to life, property and the environment. South Africa is becoming more and more vulnerable to veldfires because of urbanisation and the development of rural areas.

The purpose of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act, Act No. 101 of 1998, as amended by the National Fire Laws Amendment Act, is to prevent and combat veld, forest and mountain fires throughout South Africa. The Act applies to the open countryside beyond the urban limit and puts in place a range of requirements. It also specifies the responsibilities of land owners. The term 'owners' includes lessees, people in control of land, the executive body of a community, the manager of State land, and the chief executive officer of any local authority. Click here to see the definition in the Act. For more background on the Act, click here.

This CD
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The CD brings together in one place a wide range of materials relevant to the Act:

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