Compiler: Stephen Heyns
Database and website design: Information Integrity
Artwork: Dotted Line Design
Banner photograph: Anton Pauw
All other photographs: Ukuvuka and Paul Gerber
CD duplication and printing: RST Western Cape
Afrikaans material: Paul Gerber and Theo van der Merwe
Testing workshop participants: Pierre Combrinck, Phindile Dingile, Zane Erasmus, Greg Forsyth, Paul Gerber, Alex Kühn, Jenny Nicholson, Malcolm Procter, Grevile Ruddock, Theo van der Merwe, Peter Viljoen and Rick de Satgé
Funding: Department for International Development (DFID) of the United Kingdom. The contents of this website do not necessarily reflect the views of DFID.

Much of the technical material that has been incorporated on this CD is based on work originally done by Fred Kruger and Greg Forsyth. Alex Kühn made a substantial contribution to the development of the original material.

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