Agricultural Digest 2005/2006


Eastern Cape

Free State



Limpopo Province


Northern Cape

North West

Western Cape

Extension officers in the provinces:

Eastern Cape

Free State




Northern Cape

Northern Province

North West

Western Cape



Mr Max Mamase
Private Bag X0040, Bisho 5605.
Tel. (040) 639 1180 Fax: 040- 6363462

Liaison: Mr M Ngwane 
Tel. (040) 609 3603.  Fax: 040- 6363462.


Mr Lumkile Ngada
Head of Department of Agriculture
Private Bag X0040
BISHO 5608 

Tel.  (040) 609 3471
Fax (040) 635 0604

Chief Director Corporate Services: 
Ms M Mhatu 
Tel. ( 040)  609 3476. 
Fax: 040- 6350604

Chief Director Agric and Rural Development:
Mr Z Pityi
Tel. (040) 609 3474.
Fax: 040-6350604

Chief Director Technical Services: 
Mr J Allwood
Tel. (040) 609 3478. 
Fax: 040-6363555

Chief Financial Officer: 
Ms Dube  
Tel. ( 040) 609 3490. 
Fax : 040-6350604

Mr Mthobeli Mxothwa
(043) 706 8700/082 781 0353
Fax: (043) 743 3338


The core function of the Department is to facilitate agricultural production in the Eastern Cape through the provision of technical support to farmers and community based initiatives and the creation of a conducive environment for increased investment in agriculture. In many instances the Department will actively intervene and support initiatives in order to enhance the unique competitive advantages of our Province for the benefit of all. These interventions will be mainly directed at improving the quality of life of those operating in this sector and redressing the inequalities created by the past. 

In an effort to achieve these ideas the Department will embark in a holistic development approach by participating in the formulation of integrated development plans (IDPís) and other planning initiatives at local level and within the specified clusters in the Province. Co-operation with the National Departments will in all instances be mandatory.

Agricultural training is offered at the Fort Cox and Tsolo colleges of agriculture. Further information concerning these colleges can be found under the heading "Agricultural Training".

Extension officers



Mr M.C Mokitlane
Private Bag X02, Glen 9360.
Tel. (051) 506 1613. 
Fax: 051-4481045.


The Head: Mr W Barnes.
Private Bag X02, Bloemfontein 9300.
Tel. (051) 506  1613
Fax: (051) 430 1542

Liaison: Ms Thato Mokoena 
Tel. (051) 448 5008 X 2409/073 210 8308
Fax: (051) 448 1048

* Headquarters: Glen. (Research Station).

* Glen College of Agriculture. (Experimental farm).

* Five new agricultural development districts which constitute the Development of Economic, Local Training Access points (DELTA).

The following Directorates and sections are situated at Glen: Training, Farming Information, Farming System Research and Extension (FSRE), Agricultural Economics, Engineering Services and the Farm Section. The Section Farming Information is computerising the agricultural development districts in order to be able to use the GIS (Geographic Information System).

The collection of norms and production techniques on ecotope level, the composition of a macro soil plan for the Free State which is used for simulation models that can predict veld and crop production, crop estimates by means of simulation models in GIS environment, as well as irrigation scheduling are carried out on a continuous basis. Animal and pasture scientists are involved in different farming systems research projects aimed at the development of economic farming project practices for dairy and beef herds and woolled and mutton flocks. Management systems for rabbit production also receive attention.

Agronomic research is aimed at the development of production practices which could stabilise dryland production. Priority is given to practices utilising rain effectively. Different irrigation methods are investigated within the recommended production systems.

Extension services to farmers are rendered by the agricultural development districts. Services within the districts are so constructed that farming communities are also involved and co-responsible for agricultural development. Agricultural development committees identify and analyse problems, determine priorities, evaluate development projects and make appropriate decisions.

Development projects are carried out by multidisci-plinary teams within a holistic farming context. The projects are aimed at improving farm management and optimising agricultural products and resource utilisation. Irrigation farming and the effective utilisation of water are given priority. Irrigation services are rendered for each irrigation area.

Packages for various farming enterprises are compiled and revised on an ongoing basis to provide farmers and interested parties with basic information as part of the technology transfer programme.

Two laboratories provide analytical services to farmers regarding feed and soil analyses.

Further information concerning formal agricultural training at the Glen College of Agriculture can be found under the heading "Agricultural Training".

Extension officers




Mr Khabisi Mosonkutu,
P.O Box 8769, Johannesburg 2000.
Tel. (011) 355 1900. 
Fax: 011-3330620.

Liaison: Mr Sizwe Machikisa
P.O Box 8769, Johannesburg 2000.
Tel. (011) 355 1316.
Fax: 011-3330620.


The Head: Dr Steven Cornelius
P.O.Box 8769, Johannesburg 2000.
Tel. (011) 355 1900. 
Fax: 011-3330667.

Liaison: Vacant 
Tel. (011) 355 1378 /082 414 5279
Fax: (011) 355 1016

The aim of the Directorate of Agriculture of Gauteng is to optimise the contribution of sustainable agriculture towards the equitable development of all communities and the economy in the province in order to enhance food security, income generation, job creation and the quality of life.

It is committed to the promotion of sustainable agriculture through a multidimensional, participatory approach in the execution of the following five subprogrammes.

Household food security and poverty alleviation

This subprogramme is directed by the philosophy of partnerships within DACE and between DACE and other provincial departments in recognition of the nature and extent of food insecurity and poverty in the province.

The activity provides for the establishment and maintenance of communal food production units in collaboration with local authorities and it targets resource-poor communities with special reference to women and young people.

This activity aims at ensuring that provincial efforts at programme implementation level are coordinated in a cost-effective, sustainable and consistent manner for optimum impact on household food security.

Farmer settlement and support

This subprogramme provides for the necessary support to enable farmers to settle and establish economically viable, environmentally friendly and sustainable production units.

The activity aims to ensure that land, which is suitable for agriculture and is earmarked for allocation under the Gauteng Small-Farmer Settlement Programme, is utilised to its full potential on a sustainable basis.

The aim of this activity is to engage a participatory approach in enhancing responsibilities and capacity building of small-farmer communities to take charge of their own development.

The purpose of the activity is to assist settled farmers to draw up business plans for their farming enterprises and to implement the plans successfully.

Established agricultural sector

Key to the Department's role in this sector through this subprogramme is the need to ensure optimal utilisation of agricultural resources in pursuit of food security, job creation, a sound labour environment and economic growth. The subprogramme aims to promote the agricultural development of established smallholdings and commercial farmers.

Specialised support services

This activity provides expert support to the subpro-grammes of the Directorate of Agriculture. Services are provided in collaboration with consultants, the programme managers of the different sections and other departments.

The main focus of this activity is on the adaptation of production technology to local needs as well as providing specialised information and training services to extension officers. The delivery of the programme will be based on the following principles:

- Community-directed.
- Use of labour-intensive methods for job creation.
- Focus on the poorest of the poor.
- Value addition.

The purpose of this activity is to ensure sustainable utilisation and development of agricultural resources, with the land care concept as an underlying philosophy.

This activity aims at obtaining and disseminating agricultural resource information through systems that are accessible to all role-players within the Department or outside.

Extension officers




Mr Gabriel Ndabandaba
Private Bag X89, Ulundi 3838.
Tel. (031) 368 2223 
Fax: (031) 368 1601.


Dr J Mjwara, P/Bag X9059, Pietermaritzburg 3200.
Tel. (033) 355 9690/355 9100.
Fax: 033-3559293.

Liaison: Mr Raj Singh
Tel. (033) 355 9292
Fax: 033-3559543.

The mission of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs is to promote, in partnership with relevant role-players, a prosperous community through sound agricultural and environmental management practices.

This Department is committed to serve the agricultural community in KwaZulu-Natal. The main objective of the Department is to promote agricultural development, whether in the rural areas, where the main aim is to ensure home-food security and to stimulate job opportunities to improve the quality of life, or in the commercial sector, where the main aim is the production of food, fuel and fibre within an economic framework that is environmentally sustainable.

By means of its four chief directorates and eleven directorates, the Department did its utmost in diversify
ing the services it renders to people in KwaZulu-Natal. Services range from agricultural methods to environmental awareness programmes.

* KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Service is a further function allocated to the Minister by the Cabinet. It is responsible for biodiversity conservation with the key focal areas being development of ecotourism, promotion of development needs of the people living adjacent to protected areas. It provides mechanisms whereby groups interested in conservation or the promotion of tourism in protected areas will have representation, resource management, promotion of educational programmes and scientific research. This service has managed to collect over R5 million through its visitors' levy, which has been banked in the KZN Community Trust and will be used for the development of projects identified by the community structure.

Training is given at both the Cedara and Owen Sitole colleges of agriculture (which are tertiary education institutes), with a nonformal training section responsible for the training of staff, farmers and agricultural labourers. Please see the heading "Agricultural Training" in this publication for further information on these colleges.

Extension officers



Ms Dikeledi Magadzi
Private Bag X9487, Pietersburg 0700.
Tel. (015) 295 7023/4. 
Fax: 015-2957046.

Personal assistant to the MEC: Ms Nyambeni Matshivha

Liaison: Mr Khathu Sadiki
Tel. (015) 295 7023. 
Fax: 015-2957046


Dr P P Pheme, Private Bag X9487, Pietersburg 0700. 
Tel. (015) 295 7048/295 7090.
Fax: 015-2913740.

Liaison: Mr John Elliot
Tel. (015) 295 7090/083 653 1062
Fax: 015-2957046.

Towoomba (Warmbaths): Tel. (014) 736 2250.

Mara (Louis Trichardt): Tel. (015) 593 0102.

Limpopo Province has a total surface area of 12,5 million ha, with a population of 5,1 million people, of whom approximately 519 000 are farmers. Women comprise 70 to 80 per cent of the agricultural sector.

This Province is divided into six regions with about 115 service centres and approximately 652 wards.

The mission of the Department of Agriculture and Environment in Limpopo Province is to contribute
towards improving the quality of life in the Province through the provision of appropriate services and the promotion of socially just and environmentally sustainable development, based on agricultural and other natural resources.

The Department consists of three chief directorates:

Turn to the heading "Agricultural Training" in this publication for further information on agricultural training at the Tompi Seleka and Madzivhandila colleges of agriculture.

Extension officers




Mr Madala Masuku 
Private Bag X11219, Nelspruit 1200.
Tel. (013) 766 6074. 
Fax: 013-766 8434.

Liaison: Mr Freddy Ngobe
Tel. (013) 766 6086.
Fax: 013-766 8445. 


Ms Maureen Sithole
Private Bag X11219, Nelspruit 1200. 
Tel. (013) 766 6068.
Fax: 013-766 8429.

Liaison: Ms  Debra Malakalala
Tel. (013)766 6048.
Fax: 013-766 8445

The Department of Agriculture in Mpumalanga has the following mission:

The Department will meet the justifiable needs of the people by:

The Department has identified the following functions to achieve its mission:

Certain functions are carried out by the Mpumalanga Parks Board (Nature Conservation) and the Mpumalanga Agricultural Development Corporation (agricultural development) on behalf of the Department.

In order to carry out these functions the Department is following a decentralisation approach. Its head office is at Nelspruit. The Department has three directorates of Regional Services, with regional offices at Ermelo (Southern Highveld), KwaMhlanga (Northern Highveld) and Nelspruit (Lowveld).

The Nooitgedacht Agricultural Development Centre at Ermelo and Athole Experiment Farm near Amsterdam are responsible for need-directed technology development, mainly for the Highveld areas. A Farm System Research extension unit conducts on-farm research and mainly operates on small-farmer plots in the Lowveld Region. The Agricultural Research Council makes an important contribution to intensive crop cultivation in the Lowveld area as well as summer grain, range and forage research in the Highveld areas. Resource Management and Planning, Agricultural Economics and Engineering Services are also components of the Directorate Technology Support Services. The Directorate Veterinary Services, with its headquarters at Nelspruit, also operates on a decentralised basis. The Directorate has five subdirectorates: Veterinary Public Health, Veterinary Technical Support Services and three regional components of Animal Health.

The Directorate of Environmental Management is provincially responsible for the implementation of the National Environmental Management Act and for pollution and waste management.

The Directorate Environmental Education presents environmental awareness courses and also manages several environmental education centres, five of which are residential centres. These five centres target learners from primary and secondary schools in the province and neighbouring provinces.

The Department also aims at establishing effective formal liaison and cooperation with all institutions involved in agricultural development in the province. These include the national departments, the ARC, cooperatives, the private sector and tertiary training institutions. For this purpose it has the Mpumalanga Agricultural Advisory Council at provincial level, as well as regional and local agricultural development committees where these institutions and representatives of organised agriculture discuss matters of mutual interest. This cooperation will promote the optimal utilisation of available sources and knowledge.

Agricultural training is coordinated by the Lowveld College of Agriculture at Nelspruit. Apart from offering formal diploma courses in Plant Production and Extension, its nonformal component offers a large number of short courses, mainly for emerging farmers. Please turn to the heading "Agricultural Training" in this publication for further information on this college.

Extension officers



 Ms Tina Joemat-Petterson
Private Bag X5018, Kimberley 8300.
Tel. (053) 831 4049. 
Fax: 053-8324328.

Secretary to MEC: Ms Cynthia Fortune
Private Bag X5018, Kimberley 8300.
Tel. (053) 838 9107.†
Fax: 053-8324328.


Mr Viljoen Mothibi
Private Bag X5018, Kimberley 8300.
Tel. (053) 838 9100
Fax: (053) 831 3635.

Liaison: Vacant
Tel. (053) 838 9103/083 255 8840.
Fax: (053) 831 3635

* Head office: Department of Agriculture, Kimberley with experimental stations: Carnarvon, Vaalharts, Koopmansfontein, the Karakul Experimental Station at Upington, and the Eiland Irrigation Experimental Station.

On 1 April 2000 the former Department of Agriculture and Land Reform and the former Department of Nature Conservation were amalgated into one department. At the same time, Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute was handed over to the National Department of Agriculture.

The vision for Agriculture and Land Reform is to establish a representative department that is innovative and promotes a diverse and competitive agricultural sector supporting the sustainable use of natural resources while following an integrated development approach.

The mission is to promote a vigorous, sustainable and wealth-creating agricultural sector through the rendering of agricultural support services and expertise to interest groups and individuals involved in agriculture, as well as to the consumers of agricultural products.

The Department has taken as its task to perform the following key services:

Apart from Administration and Auxiliary Services, the objectives of the Department are organised into the following programmes: Agricultural Development, Veterinary Services, Conservation Management, Environmental Management, as well as Specialist Environmental Services.

Formal agricultural training for the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape areas is offered by the Grootfontein College of Agriculture. Further particulars on this college can be found under the heading "Agricultural Training" in this issue.

Extension officers



Mr E.M Mayisella
Private Bag X2039, Mmabatho 2735.
Tel. (018) 389 5026. 
Fax: 018-384 2679.

Liaison: Ms L Letlape. 
Tel. (018) 389 5768.
Fax: 018-384 2679. 
Cell: 082 742 8862.


Ms Ingrid Coeetze
Private Bag X2039, Mmabatho 2735.
Tel. (018) 389 5688
Fax: (018) 389 5070.

Liaison: Mr Bigboy Moagi
Tel. (018) 389 5464/082 882 8150. 
Fax: 018-3895722.


The mission of the North West Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment is to provide services towards sustainable natural resource management in support of a better life for all in the province.

The vision of the Department is to be the leading natural resource management authority in South Africa.

Strategic goals

For the benefit of the communities of the North West Province, the Department pursues the following strategic goals:

Client segment

The top management of the Department consists of a Deputy Director-General and three Chief Directors for the following chief directorates:

The line management consists of nine directors serving the following directorates:

The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment has committed itself to delivering to its clients in terms of the Batho Pele principles.



Director: Mr M.H Randeree
Private Bag X804, Potchefstroom 2520.
Tel. (018) 299 6504/5. 
Fax: 018-2970269.

Liaison: Ms Sanet Hurn
Tel. (018) 299 6734. 
Fax: 018-2977135.

* Potchefstroom College of Agriculture.

The local terrain on which TSS is situated, includes the campus and three experimental farms (livestock centres).

The Agricultural Centre has become the largest, single terrain in Africa where a variety of services are being rendered.

Technical Support Services makes needs-directed research and training accessible to disadvantaged communities; empowering communities to optimise the utilisation of natural resources in a sustainable and productive manner. In this regard, the facilitation of the upliftment and self-reliance of (especially) the formally disadvantaged communities, intending to increase their role in the agricultural economy, is propelled by needs-directed research. Services are provided which will maximise the benefit thereof for the individual, as well as the province.

The focal points in service delivery are that of training (formal and nonformal) and technology development and transfer. This is done in a supportive capacity to Agricultural Field Services (AFS), being the primary client of TSS.

TSS also supports commercial farmers, mainly in the form of advice on a consultation basis (including regulatory and policy matters). These extension and support services are rendered directly to farmers. Technology development is largely in the area of resource-poor farmers and small-scale agriculture.

The core functions of TSS are to provide technical support for sustainable agricultural development in North West Province. This can be achieved through support services from Soil, Crop, Pasture and Animal Science. Agricultural Engineering Services provide support services in the field of irrigation (new water legislation), groundwater, soil conservation and agricultural facilities and structures.

The aims of TSS are to bring about technology development and transfer in the fields of veld management, bush control, cultivated pastures, nutrition, breeding and management of beef cattle, dairy cattle, small stock, soil classification and analysis; fertilisation, crop production practices, as well as weed, pest and disease control.

By supporting and empowering Field Services' staff and farmers with knowledge of the technical aspects of agricultural engineering practices, they will be enabled to utilise the natural resources (water and land) optimally, productively and effectively.

Agricultural engineering practices include mechanisation, irrigation, stock-watering, combating of erosion, animal handling facilities and managing the Soil Conservation Act No. 43 of 1983 concerning soil conservation and irrigation improvement works.

The basic principles and strategies that guide the Department are aimed towards strengthening the economic base of the province.

Inequalities are reduced by providing services that enable and empower farming communities to acquire skills and resources to improve their quality of life, promote household food security and provide a source of income and employment.

Within the framework of transformation, research and services (of which training forms an integral part) are made available to a large section of the population who did not previously receive it.

Research and services are directed towards the sustainable use of agricultural resources:

Formal agricultural training is offered at the Potchefstroom College of Agriculture with a view to the training of prospective farmers, as well as various other agriculture-related careers. Further particulars can be found under the heading "Agricultural Training".

Extension officers



Mr Cobus Dowry,
P.O. Box 648, Cape Town 8000. 
Tel. (021) 483 4700/3.
Fax: 021-4833890.


Dr PC van Rooyen
Private Bag X1, Elsenburg 7607.
Tel. (021) 808 5004. 
Fax: 021-8085000.

Liaison: Ms Charlene Nieuwouldt
Tel. (021) 808 5008. Fax: (021) 808 5000

* Elsenburg College of Agriculture.

* Experiment farms: Elsenburg (Stellenbosch), Langgewens (Moorreesburg), Nortier (Lambert's Bay), Oudtshoorn Experiment Farm (Roodeheuvel), Outeniqua (George), Tygerhoek (Riviersonderend) and the Worcester Veld Reserve.

* Agricultural development centres are situated at Oudtshoorn, George, Vredendal and Moorreesburg.

Research is aimed at solving industry-related problems and developing plant production (small grain, pastures and alternative crops), and the animal production industries (small stock, dairy cattle, pigs, ostriches and aquaculture).

Key disciplines concerning research include soil science, agronomy, animal science, pasture science, entomology, plant pathology, weed control, agricultural engineering and veterinary science.

The development of alternative enterprises adapted to the mainly Mediterranean climate and heterogeneous soil conditions of the province, receives ongoing attention. Research is undertaken on problems relating to the degradation of natural pastures and reclamation thereof through radical veld improvement and correct management practices. The problems of soil erosion and veld deterioration are addressed on a continuous basis by means of the propagation of sound farming practices and mechanical soil protection works.

To provide efficient agricultural services, the Province is divided into five regions, viz. the Northwest, Swartland, Boland, Little Karoo and South Coast. Multidisciplinary teams of agriculturists supplying a comprehensive farm advisory service for farmers are stationed at agricultural development centres situated at Oudtshoorn, George, Vredendal and Moorreesburg. The extension task is mainly aimed at the promotion of improved resource utilisation in the fields of viticulture, fruit and other horticultural crops, small grain production, small stock, dairy and the grazing of veld and cultivated pastures for the various livestock industries.

Specialist extension services are supplied in the following fields: plant pathology, entomology, milk production, deciduous fruit production, ostrich farming and irrigation.

A division for the development of small farmers was established in April 1994 to create infrastructures, and facilitate their training, extension and development. Today the Directorate: Farmer Settlement focuses on establishing entrant farmers on land provided through Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development (LRAD). 

Turn to the heading "Agricultural Training" in this publication for further particulars on agricultural training at the Elsenburg College of Agriculture.

Extension officers



The Head, Extension Services, Eastern Cape Department of Agriculture and Land Affairs, P/Bag X0040, Bisho 5605. 
Tel. (040) 609 3490/1. Fax: 040-6351222

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 119, Alexandria 6185.
Tel. (046) 653 0249. Fax: 046-6530796

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1315, Alice 5700.
Tel. (040) 653 1153

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 207, Aliwal North 9750.
Tel. (051) 633 3011. Fax: 051-6333324

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 24, Barkly East 9786.
Tel. (045) 971 1039. Fax: 045-9710078

The Extension Officer, Bathurst Agricultural Centre, P/Bag X1, Bathurst 6166. 
Tel. (046) 625 0601. Fax: 046-6250883

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 201, Burgersdorp 9744.
Tel. (051) 653 1846. Fax: 051-6531846

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X3090, Butterworth 4960. 
Butterworth Subregion,Tel. (0474) 491 3615. Fax: 0474-4913608

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X3001, Butterworth 4960.
Tel. (0474) 491 3742

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X503, Cala 5455.
Tel. (047) 877 0045

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1243, Comfimvaba 5380.
Tel. (047) 874 0026

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 131, Cradock 5880.
Tel. (048) 881 1211. Fax: 048-8811238

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 199, Dordrecht 5435.
Tel. (045) 943 1097

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X9032 , East London 5200.
Tel. (043) 743 31845. Fax: 043-7439120

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 29, Elliot 5460.
Tel. (045) 931 1054. Fax: 045-9311054

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X536, Elliot Dale 5070.
Tel. (047) 577 0015

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 11, Engcobo 5050.
Tel. (0472) 481 177

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 138, Graaff-Reinet 6280.
Tel. (049) 891 0132. Fax: 049-8910152

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 145, Grahamstown 6140.
Tel. (046) 622 7322. Fax: 046-6223286

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 39, Humansdorp 6300.
Tel. (042) 291 0596. Fax: 042-2190603

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1205, Idutywa 5000.
Tel. (047) 427 1177

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 22, Jansenville 6265.
Tel. (049) 836 0084. Fax: 049-8360162

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 26, Joubertina 6410.
Tel. (042) 273 1342. Fax: 042-2731342

The Extension Officer, P/Bag , Keiskammahoek 5690.
Tel. (040) 658 0051

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X507, Kentani 4980.
Tel. (047) 498 0066

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 225, Kirkwood 6120.
Tel. (042) 230 0174. Fax: 042-2300509

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1141, Lady Frere 5410.
Tel. (047) 878 0074

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X502, Libode 5160.
Tel. (047) 555 0037

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1, Mdantsane 5219.
Tel. (043) 761 2167

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 193, Middelburg 5900.
Tel. (049) 842 1105

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1, Middledrift 5685.
Tel. (040462) 28

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X526, Mqanduli 5080.
Tel. (047) 573 0033

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1001, Nqamakwe 4990.
Tel. (047) 487 0037

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X101, Ngqeleni 5140.
Tel. (047) 568 0035

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 1076, Queenstown 5320. Ntabethemba
Tel. 0020 - Ask for Khamelong 3312

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X28, Peddie 5640.
Tel. (040) 673 3303

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X27592, Greenacres 6057. Port Elizabeth. 
Tel. (041) 363 6149. Fax: 041-3631583

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1010, Port St Johns 5120.
Tel. (0475) 641 178/9

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 112, Queenstown 5320.
Tel. (045) 838 4770. Fax: 045-8394992

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X447, Qumbu 5180.
Tel. (047) 553 0022 / 80

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X0012, Seymour 5750.
Tel. (040) 864 1023

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 133, Somerset East 5850.
Tel. (042) 243 1149. Fax: 042-2433320

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X5012, Sterkspruit 9762.
Tel. (051) 611 0071

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 166, Stutterheim 4930.
Tel. (043) 683 1323. Fax: 043-6831323

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1069, Tsolo 5170.
Tel. (047) 541 20016

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X226, Tsomo 5400.
Tel. (0474) 887 0026

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 11, Uitenhage 6230.
Tel. (041) 992 4818. Fax: 041-9229038

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X5002, Umtata 5100.
Tel. (047) 531 2049. Fax: 047-5312049

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X301, Whittlesea.
Tel. (0408) 422 313. Fax: 0408-422313

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X501, Willowvale.
Tel. (047) 49241

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X501, Zwelitsha 5608.
Tel. (040) 654 2219. Fax: 040-6551911.


Head of Extension: 
Director: Operations, (Mr C.N.L. Ntsane), 
Free State Department of Agriculture, Private Bag X01, Glen 9360. 
Tel. (051) 861 1258. Fax: 051-8612107

Northern Region Free State
The Extension Officer, P/Bag X13, Kroonstad 9500.
Tel. (056) 212 3126. Fax: 056-2151903

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 50, Parys 9585.
Tel. (056) 817 1095. Fax: 056-8171095

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 347, Odendaalsrus 9480.
Tel. (057) 398 1664. Fax: 057-3981666

Southern Region
The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 529, Bloemfontein 9300.
Tel. (051) 448 1224. Fax: 051-4488799

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 40, Boshof 8340.
Tel. (0535) 410 201. Fax: 0535-410201

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 79, Brandfort 9400.
Tel. (051) 821 1023. Fax: 051-8211023

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 56, Koffiefontein 9986.
Tel. (053) 205 0030. Fax: 053-2050033

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 13, Ladybrand 9745.
Tel. (051) 924 3275. Fax: 051-9243275

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 83, Petrusburg 9932.
Tel. (053) 574 0108. Fax: 053-5740214

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 255, Zastron 9550.
Tel. (051) 673 1100. Fax: 051-6731299

Eastern Region Free State
The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 585, Bethlehem 9700.
Tel. (058) 303 5579. Fax: 058-3038262

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 6, Ficksburg 9730.
Tel. (051) 933 2109. Fax: 051-9336523

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 37, Frankfort 9830
Tel. (0588) 31070. Fax: 0588-33862

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 171, Harrismith 9880.
Tel. (05861) 21009. Fax: 05861-31905

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 388, Heilbron 9650.
Tel. (058) 852 3090. Fax: 058-8521217

The Extension Officer, Qwaqwa Training Centre P/Bag X816, Witsieshoek 9870.
Tel. (058) 713 1050. Fax: 058-7131167

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 15, Reitz 9810.
Tel. (058) 863 2591. Fax: 058-8633319

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 98, Senekal 9600.
Tel. (05848) 2169. Fax: 05848-2771

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 151, Vrede 2455.
Tel. (058) 913 1467. Fax: 058-9132378.


The Head of Extension, (Mr S.M. Mosifane), 
Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment, P.O.Box 8769, Johannesburg 2000. 
Tel. (011) 355 1447. Fax: 011-3372292

Eastern Region, Extension, P.O.Box 1009, Germiston 1400.
Tel. (011) 821 7744. Fax: 011-8217259

Western Region, Extension, P.O.Box 26, Randfontein 1760.
Tel. (011) 411 4300. Fax: 011-412 2546.


The Head of KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs, P/Bag X9059, Pietermaritzburg 3200. 
Tel. (033) 355 9119. Fax: 033-3559122

North East Region, The Director (Mr S.E. Ntleko),
P/Bag X552, Eshowe 3815. 
Tel. (035) 474 2163. Fax: 035-474 4917

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X06, Babanango 3850.
Tel. (035) 835 0027. Fax: 035-8350027

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 107, Eshowe 3815.
Tel. (035) 474 4782. Fax: 035-4744782

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X20024, Empangeni 3880, Enseleni (Lower Umfolosi). 
Tel. (035) 794 2381. Fax: 035-7942381

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X5002, Hlabisa 3937.
Tel. (035) 838 1044. Fax: 035-8381027

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X2227, Ingwavuma 3968.
Tel. (035) 591 0009. Fax: 035-5910009

The Extension Officer, Private Bag X549, Eshowe 3815. Inkanyezi. 
Tel. (035) 474 5329. Fax: 035-4745329

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X006, Jozini 3969.
Tel. (035) 572 1280. Fax: 035-5721236

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X525, Mahlabathini 3865.
Tel. (035) 873 0322. Fax: 035-8730096

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X128, Nkandla 3955.
Tel. (035) 833 0068. Fax: 035-8330048

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X5143, Nongoma 3950.
Tel. (035) 831 0051. Fax: 035-8310326

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X5079, Nongoma 3950. (Nongoma District). 
Tel. (035) 831 0326. Fax: 035-8310326

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1024, Gingindlovu 3800.
Nsingweni Training Centre,
Tel. (0353) 374 326

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1041, Gingindlovu 3800. 
Ongoye (Mthunzini District).
Tel. (0353) 374 325

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 177, Pongola 3170.
Tel. (034) 413 1370. Fax: 034-4132015

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X00016, Pongola 3170. 
Simdlangentshe Tel. and fax: To be installed

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X601, Ubombo 3970.
Tel. (035) 595 1037. Fax: 035-5951037

The Extension Officer (Subregion), P.O.Box 3, Vryheid 3100.
Tel. (034) 980 9098. Fax: 034-9832922

South East Region, The Director (Mr A.S. Dludla), P/Bag X9053, Pietermaritzburg 3200.
Tel. (033) 345 2484. Fax: 033-3427561

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X9014, Pinetown 3600.
Tel. (031) 709 0841. Fax: 031-7024679

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1022, Harding 4680.
Tel. (039) 433 0110. Fax: 039-4330110

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X9226, Maphumulo 4470.
Tel. (032) 481 2008. Fax: 032-4812008

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X04, Cato Ridge 3680.
Tel. (031) 783 5138. Fax: 031-7834248

The Extension Officer, Private Bag X532, Ndwedwe 4342. 
Msunduzi Training Centre.
Tel. (03282) 26

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X511, Ndwedwe 4342.
Tel. (032) 533 4018. Fax: 032-5334018

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X140, Mthwalume 4186.
Nyangwini Training Centre.
Tel. (039) 699 1773

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X9014, Pinetown 3600.
Tel. (031) 709 0841. Fax: 031-7024679

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 10362, Port Shepstone 4240.
Tel. (039) 682 2045. Fax: 039-6823325

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 4664, Stanger 4450.
Tel. (032) 552 5302. Fax: 032-5625758

The Extension Officer, Private Bag X9014, Pinetown 3600.
Tel. (031) 709 0841. Fax: 031-7024679

The Extension Officer, Private Bag X20014, Amanzimtoti 4125. 
Tel. (031) 915 0044. Fax: 031-9150076

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X11196, Umzinto 4200.
Tel. (039) 974 2087. Fax: 039-9741515

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X144, Mthwalume 4186.
Tel. (039) 699 1761. Fax: 039-6991761

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 54, Verulam 4340.|
Tel. (032) 533 5445. Fax: 032-5335446

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X530, Umzinto 4200.
Tel. (039) 974 0141. Fax: 039-9740168

South West Region, The Director (Vacant), P/Bag X6005, Hilton 3245.
Tel. (033) 343 1395. Fax: 033-3434396

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X507, Bulwer 4575.
Essex Farm.
Tel. (033) 996 0639

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 48, Greytown 3250.
Tel. (033) 413 2155. Fax: 033-4172504

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X507, Bulwer 4575.
Tel. (039) 832 0022. Fax: 039-8320038

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 63, Howick 3290.
Tel. (033) 330 2933. Fax: 033-3306188

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 29, Ixopo 3276.
Tel. (039) 834 1032. Fax: 039-8341032

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 156, Kokstad 4700.
Tel. (039) 727 2128. Fax: 039-7272107

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X7022, Pietermaritzburg 3200.  
Kwa Gubeshe Training Centre.
Tel. (033) 505 0107

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 345, Pietermaritzburg 3200.
Tel. (033) 394 1531

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 49, Underberg 4590.
Tel. (033) 701 1418. Fax: 033-7011418

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X9086, Pietermaritzburg 3200.  
Tel. (033) 505 0029

North West Region, The Director (Mr J.T. van Rooyen), P/Bag X9905, Ladysmith 3370.
Tel. (036) 634 1105. Fax: 036-6341977

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 680, Bergville 3350.
Tel. (036) 448 1164. Fax: 036-4481734

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X1620, Bergville 3350.
Tel. (036) 448 2622

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 125, Dundee 3000.
Tel. (034) 212 1108. Fax: 034-2181398

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X7052, Estcourt 3310.
Tel. (036) 352 3033. Fax: 036-3525487

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X026, Loskop 3330.
Tel. (036) 431 8134. Fax: 036-4318134

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X4006 , Osizweni 2952. 
Tel. (033) 493 0002. Fax: 033-4930074

The Extension Officer, P/Bag X20014 , Ezakheni 3381. Mnambithi. 
Tel. (036) 636 1063. Fax: 036-6362308

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 170, Newcastle 2940.
Tel. (034) 312 4614. Fax: 034-3152472

The Extension Officer, P/ Bag X5501, Nqutu 3135.
Tel. (034) 710 0101/2. Fax: 034-2710012

The Extension Officer, Private Bag X04 , Weenen 3325. 
Thukela Estates.
Tel. (036) 354 1740.


The Head, (Mr M.S. Hlungwane), Mpumalanga Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment, P/Bag X11219, Nelspruit 1200. 
Tel. (013) 759 4119. Fax: 013-7594075

The Head of Extension, Nelspruit/ Drum Rock, P.O.Box 226, Nelspruit 1200. 
Tel. (013) 759 4051. Fax: 013-7594075

The Head of Extension, Malekutu, P.O.Box 761, Kabokweni 1245. 
Tel. (013) 796 0948

The Head of Extension, Buffelspruit, P.O.Box 266, Nelspruit 1200. 
Tel. (013) 781 0412. Fax: 013-7810539

The Head of Extension, Tonga, P.O.Box 962, Kwalugedlane 1341. 
Tel. (013) 780 8011

The Head of Extension, Lydenburg, P.O.Box 226, Nelspruit 1200. 
Tel. (013) 235 2073. Fax: 013-2352078

The Head of Extension, Hazyview, P.O.Box 226, Nelspruit 1200. 
Tel. (013) 737 6408. Fax: 013-7376408.


The Head of Extension, Northern Cape Department of Agriculture, Land Reform, Environment and Conservation, P/Bag X5018, Kimberley 8300. 
Tel. (053) 831 4012. Fax: 053-8313804

Beaufort West

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 5, Colesberg 5980.
Tel. (051) 753 0605. Fax: 051-7530605

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 84, De Aar 7000.
Tel. (053) 631 3631. Fax: 053-6313631

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 100, Douglas 8730.
Tel. (053) 298 1022. Fax: 053-2981022

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 176, Prieska 8940.
Tel. (053) 353 1196. Fax: 053-3531196

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 47, Victoria West 7070.
Tel. (053) 621 0067. Fax: 053-6210457

Griqualand West

The Extension Officer, Private Bag X9, Jan Kempdorp 8550. 
Tel. (053) 456 0084. Fax: 053-4562396

The Extension Officer, Private Bag X5062, Kimberley 8300.
Tel. (053) 832 9427. Fax: 053-8321030

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 26, Kuruman 8460.
Tel. (053) 712 1062. Fax: 053-7121889

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 124, Postmasburg 8420.
Tel. (053) 313 0568. Fax: 053-3131218


The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 65, Calvinia 8190.
Tel. (027) 341 1083. Fax: 027-3412921

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 116, Fraserburg 6960.
Tel. (023) 741 1116. Fax: 023-7411244


The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 52, Upington 8800.
Tel. (054) 337 8000. Fax: 054-33
7 8001

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 562, Keimoes 8860.
Tel. (054) 461 1414. Fax: 054-4611415

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 18, Springbok 8240.
Tel. (027) 712 1315. Fax: 027-7122270.


The Head of Extension and Training, (Mr E.M. Zwane), Northern Province Department of Agriculture and Environment, P/Bag X9487, Pietersburg 0699.
Tel. (015) 295 7090.Fax: 015-2957028

Southern Region, The Regional Head, Private Bag X01, Chuenespoort 0745.
 Tel. (015) 632 4145. Fax: 015-6324387

Lowveld Region, The Regional Head, P/Bag X577, Giyani 0826. 
Tel. (01581) 23211/ 23402/ 23210. Fax: 01581-23428

Northern Region, The Regional Head, P/Bag X2247, Sibasa 0970. 
Tel. (015) 963 2004 / 963 1577. Fax: 015-9631414

Central Region, The Regional Head, Private Bag X9319, Pietersburg 0700. 
Tel. (015) 291 1551. Fax: 015-2958754

Western and Bushveld Regions, The Regional Head, Private Bag X2455, Potgietersrus 0600. 
Tel. (015) 491 1171. Fax: 015-4918268

Bushbuckridge Region, The Regional Head, P/Bag X1321, Thulamahashi 1361. 
Tel. (013) 773 0333. Fax: 013-7730325/ 7730332.


North West Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment, Potchefstroom Field Services, (Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp and Ventersdorp). 
The Head, Extension Officers, P O Box 484, Potchefstroom 2520. 
Tel. (018) 299 6648. Fax: 018-2970269

Rustenburg : Eastern Region, 
The Head, Extension Officers, P.O.Box 24, Rustenburg 0300.
Tel. (014) 592 3428/ 592 4954. Fax: 014-5940333

Vryburg: Western Region, 
The Head, Extension Officers, P.O.Box 112, Vryburg 8600. 
Tel. (053) 927 0435. Fax: 053-9270436

Mmabatho : Central Region, (Molopo, Ditsobotla, Lehurutshe, Madikwe). 
The Head, Extension Officers, P/Bag X106, Mafikeng 2735. 
Tel. (018) 384 2494. Fax: 0183-921105

Wolmaransstad, (Wolmaransstad, Schweizer-Reneke and Christiana).
 The Head, Extension Officers, P.O.Box 131, Wolmaransstad 2520. 
Tel. (018) 299 6648. Fax: 018-2970269

The Head, Extension Officers, P.O.Box 35, Lichtenburg 2740. 
Tel. (018) 299 6648. Fax: 018-2970269.


The Head of Technology Transfer, (Mr B.F. Saaiman), Western Cape Department of Agriculture, P/Bag X1, Elsenburg 7607.
Tel. (021) 808 5100. Fax: 021-8085185

North West Region

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 130, Vredendal 8160.
Tel. (027) 213 2000. Fax: 027-2132712

Swartland Region

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 44, Piketberg 7320.
Tel. (022) 913 1112. Fax: 022-9132390

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 138, Moorreesburg 7310.
Tel. (022) 433 2272. Fax: 027-4332102

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 146, Malmesbury 7299.
Tel. (022) 482 2265. Fax: 022-4872331

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 66, Worcester 6849.
Tel. (023) 347 1121. Fax: 023-3426779

Klein-Karoo Region

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 6, Laingsburg 6900.
Tel. (023) 551 1034. Fax: 023-5511034

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 66, Beaufort West 6970.
Tel. (023) 414 2126. Fax: 023-4144386

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 351, Oudtshoorn 6620.
Tel. (044) 272 6077. Fax: 044-2791910

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 19, Ladismith 6885.
Tel. (028) 551 1017. Fax: 028-5511017

South Coast Region

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 43, Caledon 7230.
Tel. (028) 212 1158. Fax: 028-2121878

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 100, Swellendam 6740.
Tel. (028) 514 1196. Fax: 028-5141342

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 33, Riversdale 6770.
Tel. (028) 713 2442. Fax: 028-7131561

The Extension Officer, P.O.Box 249, George 6530.
Tel. (044) 874 2047. Fax: 044-8747730.